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US Club Soccer - Background Screening

Welcome to the US Club Soccer Background Screening website. 

If you're a coach/staff member looking to complete your background screening application, click here.

If you're a club registrar/official with authorized access, you can find a list of your coaches/staff members who passed US Club Soccer's background screening via the Staff Tracking page, in order to aid in completing US Club Soccer staff registration.

Your club’s list of individuals who passed background screening from July 2016 through July 10, 2017 continue to be accessible via the Archived Club/Org Pages link.

In order to update the registrar/official from your club who has access to the Staff Tracking page, complete the Background Screening Club/Org Registrar Access Update Form. Please note it will take up to a few days for these updates to be made for your club/organization; it is not instantaneous.